Tearlight tape and Lightplast Pro hand tearable bandages have revolutionised taping over the past 10 years. These lightweight elastic adhesive bandages are used on thighs for line out lifting, and tend to be the tape of choice for all sorts of on field support and compression taping jobs. Vivolight is a superb alternative at lower cost.

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What is a tearable elastic adhesive bandage?

While Elastoplast, now Tensoplast has always been the brand leader in elastic adhesive bandages, physios in sports physiotherapy have tended to look towards lightweight alternatives to treat sports injuries in field situations.

Cohesive bandages have become very popular, but tearable adhesive bandages have become invaluable to physio and doctors working in sport.

How choose between tearable EABs?

While in appearance they look similar to cohesive bandages, tapes such as Lightplast Pro, and Mueller Tearlight are coated with a moisture resistant adhesive which makes them a sticky, stretch compression bandage, and useful as an alternative to zinc oxide rigid tape when performing ankle taping or knee taping techniques which don’t require the same level of immobilisation as strapping tapes such as Strappal and Leukotape P.

How to use hand-tearable elastic adhesive bandages?

These lightweight sports tapes are used by physios in taping techniques, but they are also very useful as a handy first aid sports bandage, or over the last few years have been used in Rugby to form the lifting wrap for line out lifting.

This thigh strapping bandage is created by wrapping a wedge of foam with Tearlight or Lightplast Pro and securing it to the thigh of the line out jumper. The props then launch the lock into the air, and bring him back down safely to the ground.