Popular in catching sports such as rugby and basketball grip enhancers either make the hands sticky to help prevent dropping the ball, or form a waterproof film to keep the hands dry.

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What are grip enhancers?

Grip sprays for hands are popular in many pro sports.

Rugby players have used Mueller Stickum Grip sprays for years, interrupted by a brief period when gloves became fashionable for a season, only to be banned by the IRB a year later.

How to choose a grip enhancer?

Hand grip sprays are either sticky adhesive solvent glues such as Mueller Stickum Spray, adhesive wax like Trimona, or products like Magic Grip spray which forms a silicone film on the hands.

Dry grip chalk (Mueller Roisin blend) is also used to enhance the grip in gymnastics, tennis, golf or any sport using a bat or ball.

In recent years German company Trimona introduced tubs and sprays of sticky wax, marketed for the basketball market. Crossover to Rugby came naturally and they are now very popular in Pro Rugby.

The sticky residue from these grip enhancer sprays can be removed using the same remover sprays used for Taping adherent sprays, or Trimona has introduced a hand wash lotion for cleaning.

How to improve grip in sport?

In gymnastics, athletes tend to use chalk and Roisin to keep their hands dry; an effect which can also be achieved the silicone based Magic Grip Spray from Mueller. In Rugby and Basketball players tend to go for the sticky glue wax applied straight from the tub or spray to help prevent mishandling and fumbling.