Vivomed is an Authorised Distributor for Dynamic Tape.
Unlike kinesiology tapes with properties similar to the skin, Dynamic Tape Classic was designed to provide very strong resistance and recoil to manage load and alter movement patterns without restricting movement providing a solution for muscle and tendon applications.
Dynamic Tape ECO was developed using a patented material made from recycled plastic bottles. This means the tape has higher resistance but slightly lower recoil. Dynamic Tape ECO is ideal for applications where stronger resistance is required without sacrificing range of motion. It’s been seen on athletes and in clinics across the world.

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What is Dynamic Tape?

Dynamic Tape is a synthetic stretched nylon and lycra sports tape designed to mechanically support muscles and re-align tissues in sports injuries.

It’s use is often contrasted with Kinesio Tape which is a neurological tape, gently lifting the skin, and zinc oxide tape which is a rigid strapping tape used to immobilise joints.


How to choose Dynamic Tape Original ?

Dynamic Tape Original has been developed in two strengths: beige with beige tattoo and beige with black tattoo.

The more popular black tattoo displays a higher resistance and recoil than the beige, although the beige tattoo may be useful for athletes with more sensitive skin due to the slightly weaker shear forces on the skin.

Both tapes are high stretch, with good resistance and strong recoil. By in large they are considerably stretchier than kinesio tape. It ends to work like a bunjee rope, absorbing load and reducing pressure on injured, overloaded or tired tissues.

How to use Biomechanical dynamic Tape?