Crepe bandages are elastic compression bandages designed to offer light support to injured areas or to hold dressings in place.

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What are crepe bandages?

A crepe bandage is a standard first aid bandage that everyone will have come across during their sporting life. They are a stretchy, cotton, soft woven bandage which are used as a compression wrap for sports injuries and sprains or to cover a wound dressing.

In sports physio practice, these elastic stretch bandages have largely been superseded by cohesive tape, elastic bandages and conforming bandage. Never the less, they are a very cheap, flexible first-aid bandage and tend to come as standard in an introductory sports first aid kit bag.

How to choose a first aid crepe bandage?

It’s important to choose a hospital quality crepe bandage as some of the lightweight types will easily fall apart.

How to use a crepe bandage in sport?

20 years ago many amateur footballers would use crepe bandages to offer support and compression for ankle sprains and other soft tissue injuries, by simply applying a figure of 8 wrap around the ankle and securing with a safety pin.