Adherent sprays used in taping are effectively glues designed to create tackiness to enhance the stickiness of the sports tapes used in athletic taping techniques. Removers are simply solvents used to remove the residues from the skin.

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What are adherent skin sprays and adhesive removers?

Adherent glue sprays are primarily designed for application to the skin to augment the adhesiveness of zinc oxide sports tape, strapping tape and medical tape during athletic taping techniques to treat and prevent sports injuries.

How to choose skin adhesives and removers?

European physios in particular favour sticky tapes and therefore when taping knees or ankles may use Mueller Adherent Spray or another pre-tape adhesive spray to enable the tape to stick to the skin for longer.

During rugby especially, zinc oxide tapes can be ripped and torn, so physiotherapists in sport often choose a particularly sticky tape such as Strappal, Leukotape P or Vivo Sports Tape, and pre-treat the skin with spray glue.

Belgian massage specialists Naqi has recently introduce a pre-taping spray to clean the skin before the application of spray glue or medical sports tape.

At times taping adhesive sprays have been used in Rugby on the hands to help players catch the ball, but they have been largely superseded by grip enhancers such as Trimona Rugby Spray Wax, Mueller Stickum Spray, and the silicone based Mueller Magic Grip

Choosing which adherent spray to use is very much personal preference. Mueller quick drying adherent and Tuffner Clear pre-tape spray have evolved to have identical glue solvents, and are often chosen because of their quick drying effect. However, Tensospray medical adhesive spray from BSN Medical is particularly strong in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and arguably more popular with physiotherapists working in football.

Adhesive sticky glue sprays often leave a residue when the tape is taken off. This can be minimised by applying a silicone based protective film such as the Fino Sport alcohol free, or Coloplast Skin Barrier Spray, both of which are also helpful in players with skin allergies or during application of Kinesio Tape, as Kinesiology Taping Techniques tend to result in tapes being in contact with the skin for up to 5 days.

Medical adhesive removal sprays by Mueller and BSN dominate the market in Sports Medicine for removing the sticky stuff in sport, while Zoff remover wipes are often used to remove the skin glue from plasters and dressings.

How to use Skin adhesives and removers?

For physios who like to improve the adhesiveness of tape simply clean, dry, and preferably remove hair in the area to be taped and then spray or apply adhesive directly to the skin. Then apply tape.

The removers sprays can then be used after sport to get rid of the tape and glue residue before showering.