Sports Tapes consist of bandages and strapping used by sports physios to treat and prevent injuries. They range from rigid zinc oxide tapes to support joints to elastic adhesive bandages to offer compression, with specialist tapes such as Kinesio tape, tearable EAB and cohesive bandages necessary for a comprehensive sports first aid kit

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How Do I Choose & Use the Appropriate Sports Tape?

Want to learn how to use sports tapes with correct strapping methods? We have a range of taping guides to help you to get started. To view the guides select the relevant one from the list below for the type of tape you would like to use. You will learn accurate techniques that Physiotherapists often use with different taping and strapping products. Depending on the type of joint or injury your are treating you may want to use a specific taping technique. If you have any questions on which product is suited to which injury, feel free to contact us here, we would be happy to help you with your choice or have a look through our taping guides.

How to Prevent Receiving an Injury While Playing Sports

It’s common practise in many sports, to immobilise or stabilise joints before taking to the field, pitch or ring! As an example, rugby players will often strap their ankles and knees with a rigid tape, these joints are frequently weakened due to an earlier injury and they require stabilisation before use. Our range of zinc oxide tapes offer this level of stability and support that you would expect for professional use, giving the player confidence they can perform unimpeded. These tapes along with the correct taping techniques, give support to the ligaments and improve the overall joint stability.

Our tapes are not just limited to professional sports people, lighter supports are also used in a variety of activities like tennis, climbing or just leisurely walks through the countryside – using an elastic adhesive bandage or a cohesive bandage – you can add stability to a joint to help improve your overall experience – more over with a wide range of brands and products on offer – we have something to meet most situations.