First-aid and emergency supplies range from simple HSE first aid kits to Professional standard sports trauma kits, defibrillators, stretchers and immobilisation products. Essential trauma management in sport requires pitch-side emergency first-aid kits and supplies that offer as close to ambulance standard as is achievable.

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First Aid Supplies from Vivomed

Vivomed’s has developed an extensive range of first aid supplies for UK doctors, physios and first-aiders, particularly for treatment of sports injuries, but also for basic emergency situations in the home or during travel.

We supply professional quality emergency supplies to some of the largest sports teams and organisations in the UK and Ireland. We have collaborated in developing first-aid and Trauma provision with governing bodies in sports such as GAA, Premier League football and International Rugby; and indeed, have been selected as medical supplier to the British and Irish Lions touring teams on several occasions.

The knowledge we have gained working with physiotherapists, team doctors and sports therapists has enabled us to design the appropriate first aid kit for sports teams working in specific sports, and though sports injuries may have a lot in common, some injuries may occur more frequently in particular sports.

Basic First Aid Supplies and Kits

Our first aid supplies include everything from antibacterial disinfectants, plasters, bandages and wipes to hospital standard dressings and providing the appropriate medical tools for basic first aid treatments.

We have developed different first aid kits for sports, the home, the workplace, and the outdoors. All kits and bags contain the appropriate supplies to treat industry-specific injuries.

All these first-aid supplies have gone through our thorough assessment process over the years to ensure their safety, effectiveness, and reliability.

Emergency Medical Supplies for Trauma Kits

As leading first aid equipment suppliers in the UK, we also carry an assortment of emergency medical equipment for more serious injuries and traumas. From a stretcher equipped with a head immobiliser to an automatic external defibrillator, Vivomed has different innovative products that are essential to any trauma kit. In addition, with our in-house pharmacists we have been involved in the development of sport-specific Emergency Trauma Kits and are currently the exclusive supplier of these bags to all GAA counties in Ireland.