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Tubigrip or tubular bandage is an elasticated stockinette compression support bandage commonly used for ankle sprains, arm injuries, knee support, sore muscles and bruising.

Vivomed Vivogrip Tubular Bandage
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Compression bandages are available in a variety styles, such as crepe bandages, elastic adhesive bandages, and cohesive tape.

Tubular bandages, however, are probably the most commonly used medical bandage for compression.

Generically known as Tubigrip after the brand leader, these elasticated, stretch cotton tubular bandage offer lightweight support for all sorts of sports injury, strains, sprains and soft tissue injuries.

Since compression is part of the RICE regime for treating swelling and inflammation, tubular bandages are often seen giving support to knees, elbows or hamstrings.

Compression is used to reduce inflammation and disperse swelling, but paradoxically in recent years Kinesio Tape is being increasingly used to drain swelling by lifting tissue, rather than compressing it.