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In 1987, VASYLI Medical introduced custom heat-moldable orthotics, designed together with some of the world’s foremost biomechanics experts. A snap to fabricate in the clinic, these products revolutionized medical orthotics for professionals who treated lower-limb disorders. But this was just the beginning.

A few years later came the introduction of over-the-counter prefabricated orthotics by Phillip Vasyli as well as shoes and sandals with built-in orthotics for consumers—the genesis of Orthaheel, now known as Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. Today, the Vionic Group is the “proud parent” of these complementary medical and retail brands.

VASYLI Medical products not only benefit patients. They also provide health care professionals with new ways to enhance the 

Vasyli Heel Lift
Vasyli Footprint Red Full Length Orthotics - VOL Orthotics
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