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Thigh & Groin Support

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Stretch neoprene support sleeves and lycra compression shorts to add heat and support to a hamstring injury or groin strain.


Hamstring injury and groin strain can result in severe pain, as can be seen when athletes "pull up" holding their hamstring.

Hamstring injuries are most common in the Biceps Femoris (outer hamstring) where the muscle joins the tendon, and the problem with a pulled hamstring or muscle tear is that if it becomes chronic, treatment is difficult.

Thigh sleeves and Neoprene shorts have been used by athletes who have recurrent hamstring injuries, primarily to warm and provide compression to the weakened muscle and tendon.

Under Armour's acquisition of Core Shorts from the Canadian inventor has added an extra dimension to groin strain and hamstring tears.

These compression shorts have an elasticated X which adds greater compression to the core muscles and hamstrings which helps alleviate groin pain and recurrent groin injury.

Hamstring stretches and groin exercises are an essential part of a rehabilitation programme, while pre-match warm up is an important component in the treatment of such soft tissue injuries in general, but for hamstrings and quads in particular.