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Taping Scissors

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Taping scissors, including sharks for removing zinc oxide tape, bandage scissors and sharp Kinesio taping scissors.

Levotape Kinesiology Taping Scissors
Mueller M Cutter
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While not having quite the variety of scissors you might find in a hairdressing salon, never the less, there are a number of different types of scissors used in athletic taping.

Historically, Lister bandage scissors have been used in hospitals, first-aid and in medical practice for many years. These taping scissors have a flattened blunt nobbly bit on the end which can be slid under zinc oxide tape or other sports tape without cutting the skin.

This blunt/sharp concept is also brought into play in standard nurses scissors which may often be a cheaper option for removing tape, while "Tuff Cut" or Paramedic Shears can also be used for removing clothing in Emergency first-aid situations.

In athletic sports taping, companies such as Mueller have developed tape removal products specific to athletic taping. Sometimes known as Shark Tape Cutters, the products contain an angled blade, enclosed in a narrow plastic frame. Run the blade under the zinc oxide tape and it can be removed in one cutting action.

Recent years have seen the development of very sharp titanium coated Kinesiology Taping scissors. These styling scissors are used to create the cuts and shapes associated with the Kinesio Taping method, where it is necessary to cut through the cotton tape and backing paper without causing fraying of the expensive Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape or K-Active Tape.