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Supacore manufacture the Coretech® range of compression shorts and tights widely used the World over by professional athletes to help with injury prevention and recovery for hamstring, hip injury, pelvis instability, separated stomach muscles (diastasis recti or abdominal separation) and other groin related injuries including Osteitis Pubis.

To read the product review comparing the Under Armour Coreshorts Pro with the Supacore Coretech Shorts please click this link. 

The review was conducted by Dr Carolyn Taylor where she worked with 6 athletes who wore and tested both products. All athletes suffering from either groin, hip, hamstring injury or Osteitis Pubis

Supacore Women's CORETECH® Injury Recovery and Prevention Compression Shorts
Supacore Men's CORETECH® Injury Recovery and Prevention Compression Shorts
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RRP £89.99
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Supacore is a unique premium product, offering medical grade TGA approved graduated compression which is set to disrupt the sporting industry. In addition to the generic compression benefits including, improved circulation, reduced muscle oscillation, enhanced recovery following strenuous exercise, and reduced effects of delayed muscle soreness, Supacore shorts and leggings, with Supacore's patented, Seamlessly engineered, high compression CORETECH™ waistband, are the only shorts and leggings that can assist core stability and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of hamstring, lower back and groin related injuries.

CORETECH™ TECHNOLOGY The CORETECH™ range includes Supacore's own targeted and gradient compression for the ultimate muscle support during exercise. The CORETECH™ range is highly recommended for anyone who is susceptible to or recovering from a hamstring, lower back or groin related injury.

INJURY PREVENTION AND STABILITY Supacore is all about innovation and performance: providing a sportsperson with the next level in compression clothing that makes them feel great and perform to their best. Supacore is a premium product in the market, offering medical grade TGA approved graduated compression which can prevent several sports based injuries. The Coretech waistband offers stability and support for hip , groin and hamstring injuries

Supacore product comparison

Dr. Carolyn Taylor, Ph.D, conducts a pelvic stability assessment test using single leg squats to demonstrate the effectiveness of patented sports-tech product Supacore CORETECH® on correcting instability and strengthening the pelvic area.