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Why you need these patented CORETECH® Shorts?

If you have osteitis pubis, groin injury, hamstring injury, or if you are a new Mother wanting to speed up post pregnancy recovery;

  • Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM)
  • C-section or perineal trauma
  • Increase stability and mobility

Why are CORETECH® Shorts different to other Shorts?

  • Patented waistband technology - built in (knitted) sacroiliac joint belt
  • Medical grade compression level
  • Seamless knitting technology for comfort, longevity and less waste during the production process
  • Ribtech® - tightly grouped “spring like” ribbing body mapped over glutes , hamstring, hip and tensor fasciae latae and quadriceps providing micro massaging (mimicking kinesiology).
  • Last longer – seamless knit provides less seams which less wear and tear is – no fraying

To read the product review comparing the Under Armour Coreshorts Pro with the Supacore Coretech Shorts please click this link. The review was conducted by Dr Carolyn Taylor where she worked with 6 athletes who wore and tested both products. All athletes suffering from either groin, hip, hamstring injury or Osteitis Pubis










When should you wear them for best benefit?

Supacore Coretech® Shorts can be worn during training and competition, and then post-training and competition for anywhere between 2 -24 hours. For new Mothers as soon as you feel able post-delivery. It may take a few days to feel fully comfortable.

Who uses CORETECH®? In our experience athletes who play sports which involve twisting, turning, kicking, and a sudden change of pace and new Mothers (post-partum) who want to recover quickly.

Level of Compression

High level of compression

Level: High/Firm medical grade compression (25 mmHg)

Waist: High-Rise

 Women's CORETECH™ Size Guide ​

If you are in-between sizes or you wish to wear your compression garment primarily for recovery purposes, be sure to choose the smaller size where possible. You may go up to the next size if it is for training purposes. Your compression garment should be a neat, tight fit, but it should not inhibit circulation.

Care Instructions

To ensure longevity of the product please follow the care instruction and handle with care.

  • Cold gentle machine wash inside out with like colours
  • Do not bleach Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron Do not dry clean
  • Do not use fabric softeners

Note: Please take extra care when wearing with sharp objects such as jewellery, football boots or track shoes with studs. Due to the high level of compression when putting on your Supacore garments, we recommend gathering the leg before placing the foot through, pulling the garment up the leg section by section to avoid placing unnecessary strain on the in leg seams by pulling from the waist. Be mindful when wearing jewellery or watches that may snag or pull the fabric.

Chlorine and Salt Water Recovery Sessions

We do not recommend that you wear your Supacore garments for recovery in chlorine pools as the chemicals will corrode the fabric and impact on the longevity of the product. Rinse immediately in clean water after use if your Supacore garments have been exposed to salt or chlorinated water.


Dr. Carolyn Taylor, Ph.D, conducts a pelvic stability assessment test using single leg squats to demonstrate the effectiveness of patented sports-tech product Supacore CORETECH® on correcting instability and strengthening the pelvic area.

"I’ve been wearing the Supacore Coretech during and after runs and I really like them. I had a caesarean three months ago and I’ve been really careful when running, and the CORETECH® provide compression and support to my lower abdomen, hips and pelvis. I don’t pull up sore afterwards. My husband is a physiotherapist and has already started recommending them to clients, especially women runners with some pelvic instability. Thanks so much for bringing the range to my attention." Laura Hill, Public Affairs Executive - Runner/Mother

"I was having lower back issues so I thought I would give these a go. I was very happy with the support they gave my back and pleasantly surprised with the instant relief they gave my legs! I found myself standing in the kitchen doing my usual meal prep without the tired legs I usually get after standing in the one spot for a while. Fran - athlete Thank you for a wonderful product. My brother bought this for my birthday and it has helped me so much with my training. I was in constant pain but now can training 3 times a week with out any bad aftereffects. My cousin in Scotland is also interested as she has also had pelvic issues. I will send them all to you...great to see such wonderful local product." Julie Bowden - Runner/Mother/Journalist

"A friend recommended your product and I bought it as a trial having tried everything else. I was considering surgery. Having work it for 32 months I think I have fully recovered. Seems magical but I am training again .. back on the park...wonderful...thank you thank you. I am a strong supporter of your brand..keep up the great work by the way your after sales service is equally good." Jen Evans. Hockey player Sydney

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