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Sports First Aid Kits and medical bags from Vivomed offer a range of options from the professional sports physio to the junior level working with children.

Vivomed Deluxe Medical Bag - Sports First Aid Kit
Vivomed Bum Bag
Vivomed Junior Medical Bag - Sports First Aid Kit
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Vivomed Economy Sports First Aid Bag
Mueller Titan Hero Medical bag / trolley
Vivomed Economy Sports First Aid Bag & Contents
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BSN Medical Leuko Bum Bag
Vivomed Run On Medical Bag - Sports First Aid Kit BLACK
Vivomed Emergency Sports Trauma Bag | Complete or Empty
RRP £159.99
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Mueller Sling Bag
Mueller Medi Kit 200
Mueller Medi Kit 100
RRP £76.99
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A well-stocked first aid kit or medical bag is a must for every sports team. A sports first aid kit contains a collection of equipment and supplies for use in administering first aid in a sporting environment. At Vivomed we specialise in first aid and Trauma care, and have created a wide range of sports first aid kits and medical bags.

As a sports medicine supply company we manufacture our own good value brand of sports first aid kits and medical bags, and hare happy to compile bespoke medical bags for teams and organisations.

Our product range caters for the full spectrum of sports, ranging from rugby first aid kits, football first aid kits, and junior kits to professional level sports first aid kits and medical bags. Our sports first aid kits and medical bags are available to purchase fully equipped off the shelf, they can be tailor made to meet the exact requirements of a particular sport or team, or purchased empty to allow team medics to stock their own as required.

Sports first aid kit contents

There is a great deal of variation in the contents of a sports first aid kit and this is based on the knowledge and experience of the person or sports team putting it together, the differing requirements of the sports team who will be using it and the legislation or regulations of the jurisdiction it will be used in.

Some of the most common sporting injuries needing first aid treatment include: bumps and bruises, cuts and blisters, sprains and strains, bleeds, eye injuries, fractured and broken bones.

If you already have a sports first aid kit, you should check regularly that it is appropriately stocked and that are all the contents in date. Is it compliant with up to date regulations in the country or region it will be used in? Vivomed would recommend that customers based in the UK visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website for the latest guidance on all aspects of first aid and to find out instantly what you, your organisation or workplace needs in terms of first aid provision

Vivomed stocks a comprehensive range of sports first aid supplies, sports medicine, emergency and trauma supplies to ensure your sports first aid kit or sports medical bag is always up to date and stocked with everything it needs.
We stock a full range of consumables for sports first aid kits. These include: plasters, sports tapes, bandages, dressings, wound care treatment products, eye wash station (e.g. saline solution, saline eye wash and saline eye drops), ice packs, nasal plugs, safety pins, thermometer, tweezers, scissors, trauma shears, safety pins, ear buds, infection control items and personal protection items (e.g. disposable examination gloves, aprons, pocket masks, face masks, hand sanitisers, dry antiseptic powder spray, antiseptic liquid, antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes, bio hazard kits and bags, disinfectant cleaning solutions, sharps disposal boxes, and pandemic kits).