Resistance Bands, Loops, Tubing & Occlusion Bands

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Resistance bands, loops & tubes for muscle stretching & rehabilitation gym exercises and home strengthening after sports injury. Resistant band & Theraband. Occlusion bands or occlusion cuffs for blood flow restriction training

Therapy in Motion Resistance Exercise Tubing
Available In: Black 20m, Blue 20m, Green 20m, Red 20m, Yellow 20m
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Therapy in Motion Latex Free Exercise Bands
Available In: Blueberry 45.7m, Blueberry 5.5m, Lime Green 45.7m, Lime Green 5.5m, Orange 45.7m, Orange 5.5m, Peach 45.7m, Peach 5.5m, Plum 45.7m, Plum 5.5m
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