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The Push Med Shoulder Brace fixes the upper and lower arm in position during the treatment of shoulder injuries. The position of the shoulder brace can be selected in such a way as to fix the arm in a neutral position or at a slight adduction. The position can be changed easily by turning the chest band slightly. If adduction limitation is required only, the wrist fixing element can be removed.

A separate band is slipped around the middle of the hand, thus supporting the hand in order to prevent hanging. As the brace closes around the chest, the neck and shoulder regions remain unstressed. Each fixing point is individually adjustable, ensuring an optimum fit in all circumstances.


  • Acute phase after (sub)luxations
  • Subcapital humerus fracture
  • Acromioclavicular joint injuries
  • Post surgical for shoulder operations

Push med products provide effective solutions for the treatment and prevention of injuries of the locomotor apparatus. Approved by physicians and scientists.
Your new shoulder brace is a Push med product, characterised by a high level of effectiveness, comfort and quality. The Push med shoulder brace guarantees proper fixation and pain relief. Mechanical support and good position retention constitute the basis of its performance.
Push med products are innovative and are manufactured for you with great care. The aim is to provide optimal security. To promote satisfied use.
Read the product information carefully before you use the Push med shoulder brace. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to info@Vivomed.com.


Your Push med shoulder brace consists of four components. The breast band, which is closed around the chest or upper waist, constitutes the basis of the brace. 

The upper arm band ensures fixation of the upper arm against the body, preventing abduction. The position of the shoulder brace can be selected so fix the arm in a neutral position or a slight adduction. The position can be changed easily by turning the breast band slightly. The third point of fixation is the wrist band. 

This ensures fixation in endorotation position. Lastly, the brace has a separate band that is slipped around the metacarpus and thus supports the hand to prevent hanging. 

If only abduction restriction is required, the wrist fixation may be removed. As the brace closes around the body, the neck and shoulder regions remain unstressed. Each fixation point is individually adjustable, for an optimal fit in all circumstances
The brace is made of Sympress(tm), a high-quality comfortable material. The use of microfibres makes the inside feel soft and keeps the skin dry. The Push med shoulder brace can be washed normally.

There are no known disorders where the brace cannot or should not be worn. In the case of poor blood circulation in the limbs, a brace may cause hyperaemia. Avoid applying the brace too tightly in the beginning. 
Pain is always a sign of warning. If the pain persists or the complaint deteriorates, it is advisable to consult your doctor or therapist.


The shoulder brace is available in 2 sizes. For each size, the model can be used for both the left and the right shoulder. For proper fitting, the chest circumference is measured 5 centimetres about the level of the hanging elbow. The table on the packaging shows the correct brace size for your chest circumference.

 The correct fitting sequence is determined by the increasing molecule symbols on the Velcro.
Before the brace is fitted, it is recommended to attach the various braces, in order to get a good overview of the brace. The brace is set for left-handed or right-handed use by rotating the wrist band. The closing ring of the wrist band should be located on top. To be able to slide the wrist band from the breast band easily, the Velcro strip at the end of the breast band must be closed. Make sure that the band used to support the hand is slid onto the band first.

 Close the breast band 5 centimetres above the level of the hanging elbow.
Ensure that the upper arm band is located alongside the body.

 Slide the wrist band and the hand support band until they are in mid-centre position. The wrist band can be slid over the fastening of the breast band.
Slide the Velcro strip of the upper arm band through the closing ring.
Put the arm through the upper arm band and close the Velcro strip.

 Close the wrist band and put the fingers in the hand support.


Before washing, close the Velcro to protect the brace and other laundry. 
The brace can be washed at temperatures up to 30°C, on a delicate fabrics cycle or by hand. Do not use any bleaching agents. 
A gentle spin-dry cycle can be used: after this, hang the brace up to dry in the open air (not near a heating source or in a tumble drier).
To extend the brace’s service life, it should be dried after use, if necessary, before being stored.


Proper use of the Push brace may require diagnosis by a doctor or therapist.
Optimal functioning can only be achieved by selecting the right size. Your reseller’s professional staff will explain the best way to fit your Push brace. Save the product information, to be able to reread the fitting instructions later.
Consult a specialist if the product requires individual adaptation.
Check your Push brace each time before using for signs of wear or ageing of parts or seams. Optimal performance of your Push brace can only be guaranteed if the product is fully intact.





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