Push Ankle Foot Orthosis - AFO to treat drop foot

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An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), or splint, to treat drop foot conditions is worn on the lower part of the leg to help control the ankle and foot. Foot drop is caused by a weakening of the muscles or sometimes nerve damage and paralysis. A simple AFO holds your foot and ankle in a rigid, straightened position to improve your walking.The Push Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO offers excellent support in the case of loss of ability to lift the foot and problems in controlling the foot when walking. The innovative design allows for a natural gait and makes safe and efficient walking possible again while also providing lateral ankle stability.

Push Ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis (Push Ortho AFO)
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CARE - function retention

WHEN DO YOU CHOOSE PUSH CARE BRACES? Push care is intended for those whose everyday freedom of movement is restricted due to a slight injury or disorder. Each product has a high degree of effectiveness, comfort and quality. Push care guarantees pain relief and improves the sense of stability by adjusting compression. It is easy to use.

MED - function recovery

WHEN DO YOU CHOOSE PUSH MED BRACES? Push med guarantees solutions for the treatment and prevention of injuries on the locomotor apparatus. Push med relieves possible pain, thus allowing an increase to the physical ability of the joint to function under stress. Mechanical support, adjustable compression and a good fit combine to ensure this.

ORTHO - function improvement

WHEN DO YOU CHOOSE PUSH ORTHO BRACES? Push ortho is used for complaints or reduced function of the locomotor apparatus. Adequate mechanical support is key. Push ortho can play an important role in cases of repositioning and stabilisation thus compensating for loss of normal function.