Prescription Only Medicines (POM)

Prescription Only Medicines (POM)

Vivomed is a fully licensed Pharmacy and is registered to sell prescription only medicines (POM) to qualified persons such as Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and Dentists.

To order prescription only medicines (POM), please visit

If you have not ordered on this platform before you will be required to set up a new account which is quick and easy to do and can be done by following the steps outlined below.

To create a new account to order prescription only medicines (POM) please visit:

  1. - Please create your new account under the name of your Doctor, as they are the account owner.
  2. - The details of the administrator or other medical staff who usually do the ordering (if this is not normally the Doctor) and email address can be added and stored as the shipping details on the account. These can be added at checkout on your first order.
  3. - A Doctors GMC number is required to open an account; as this is the account login.
  4. - Once the account is created, please upload a copy of the Doctor's signature to the account page at This will be securely stored on your account for all future orders. Signatures need to be on a white background and clearly visible and orientated landscape. See sample image for size and details below.

Sample signature Vivomed

Vivomed's online medicines seller registry certification