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Muscle pain relief cream, rubs, linaments and gels for sore tight muscles and Wintergreen for pre-match warm up.

Biofreeze cold treatment for for acute sprains and swelling, and soothing arnica and menthol cool gel for bruises and inflammation.


Premax massage lotions and creams for physiotherapist and sport massage therapists.

The Premax range of products were invented by Randall Cooper, a well respected Australian Sports Physiotherapist. Having worked with professional football teams, Olympic sports teams, World and Olympic champions he noticed a gap in the market for a range of very high quality massage creams, oils and lotions that were not were greasy.

The Premax range was born and has grown via word of mouth and recommendations among physiotherapists, massage therapists and anyone working with sports teams or athletes.

Vivomed is now stocking a wide range of Premax massage lotions and creams for all uses in the every growing massage products category.