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The PSB Knee Brace applies pressure around the knee joint, giving a feeling of greater stability.

A pad provides extra support for the patella relieving any additional pain from the patella.

The brace is fully adjustable and in no way inhibits bending. Ideal for use while playing sport, skiing etc

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PSB is a quality product by Push, developed by a team of experienced specialists in close cooperation with athletes. PSB incorporates the latest techniques and materials.

About knee injuries.

A knee injury usually means that you will be "out of the running" for a longer period of time when it comes to work and sport. This is because the knee is a complex joint, subject to intensive pressure, especially in sports that involve a lot of running, jumping or turning.

Sudden powerful movements can overstretch the knee ligaments or tear a meniscus, or even damage a cartilage or a tendon. Symptoms of such damage include fluid in the joint, inhibited movement and a feeling of painful instability. Your knee can also suddenly "lock".

It is difficult to say how long an injured knee will need to heal. This depends on the type of injured tissue and the extent of the damage. Rest during the first 2 to 3 days after the injury, combined with the use of a pressure bandage and placing the affected leg on a raised support, will certainly promote healing. Naturally you can also consult a (sport) physiotherapist to help you improve mobility, muscular strength and coordination. Depending on the severity of the injury to the knee, it is usually possible to walk normally again within 3 to12 weeks.

Once you are sufficiently recovered to consider active sport once more, it is essential to be aware that recurrence of the injury is not unlikely. After all, sporting activity involves extreme movement and unexpected situations. 
To protect against this it is essential to train your knee joint well. 
A professional knee brace can provide the support you need. 

When to use a PSB knee brace

If you have a feeling of instability or are returning to sport following a meniscus injury, or you suffer from knee pain resulting from other forms of knee injury.

Do not use in case of:

We know of no conditions that preclude the use of a knee brace. However, do remember that a knee brace provides support but does not actually strengthen the knee joint itself. This means that a knee brace can under no circumstances take over the function of the knee ligaments. In addition, pain is always an important warning that something is wrong. If you have continuous pain or other symptoms, for which there are no obvious grounds, it is always advisable to consult your GP, a physiotherapist or sport therapist.

Special properties.

The PSB Knee Brace applies pressure around the knee joint, giving you a feeling of greater stability. A pad provides extra support for the patella so that any additional pain at the patella is relieved. The pale blue power net allows you to adjust the pressure easily yourself. The sport brace in no way inhibits bending. The tapes around the calf and the silicone strips on the inside ensure the brace stays put and cannot slide down. Thanks to the special Tactel aquator material, which wicks moisture away from the skin, and its breathing properties, the sport brace always feels comfortable.

Easy to size.

The PSB Knee Brace is available in four sizes (see table on reverse) in right and left versions. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of the calf just below the knee (see illustration). Adjust the brace and ensure that it fits comfortably.

Never fit your PSB Knee Brace so tightly that it impedes circulation. The pressure is different for each individual, and it can be adjusted during use.

Easy fit.

1 Pull the Velcro away from the elastic tape and the pale blue power net. 

2 Pull the power net down as far as it will go. The Velcro fastening on both sides of the power net is now clearly visible. 

3 Tighten the brace so that the stiffener (pad) comes just under the patella and the brace cannot move further up (see Fig. 1)

4 Fasten the elastic tape around your calf (see Fig. 2). 

5 Take hold of both sides of the power net and pull it up (see Fig. 3). 

6 Fasten the Velcro at the sides to the upper edge of the brace.

7 Fasten the Velcro at the front of the power net (see Fig. 4). The pressure can be adjusted to your individual needs by choosing the appropriate position of the Velcro fasteners.

Easy wash.

The PSB Knee Brace is easy to care for and can be washed at up to 40 degrees C in the washing machine. Higher temperatures should be avoided, as they will damage the elastic materials. Use the supplied washing net and fasten all Velcro fasteners before washing. Allow your PSB sport brace to dry naturally, i.e. not in the tumble dryer or on a radiator. You will extend the life of your brace if you allow it to dry after use. Never keep it stored in your sports bag.

Correct application.

As mentioned above, the pressure of the PSB Knee Brace can be adjusted individually. The Velcro tapes at the upper edges of the brace are used for this purpose. By positioning the hard Velcro higher or lower on the soft Velcro tape you pull the power net higher or lower, causing an immediate increase or reduction of the pressure around the knee.

Before use, check whether your sport brace shows any signs of damage or wear, which will reduce pressure and efficiency.

Please be aware that an ill-fitting brace does not function properly.
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