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Penthrox® (Methoxyflurane) also known as the “green whistle”

Penthrox® (Methoxyflurane) Inhalation 3ml  – also known as the “green whistle”

Penthrox®, also known as ‘the green whistle’ in Australia and New Zealand where it has been on the market for several years, could transform the management of emergency pain relief especially in sports medicine.

Penthrox® is a hand-held inhaler used by adult trauma patients delivered via the inhaler to provide fast, effective pain relief within 6 – 10 breaths and is now available from the UK and Ireland’s leading sports medicine company Vivomed.

The innovative pocket-sized inhaler delivers an analgesic medicine quickly to trauma patients which could be especially important in a sporting environment where up until now the best practice option has been using ENTONOX® which is transported in pressurised cylinders and requires expensive consumables such as demand valves and aspirators.

The main advantages for Penthrox® over ENTONOX® for sports teams and sports medical professionals is twofold:

  1. The size – the Penthrox® inhaler is only about 15cm long and weighs about 300grams
  2. Teams can easily transport and fly with Penthrox® as unlike ENTONOX® it is not kept in a pressurised container.

What comes in the pack:

  • 1x 3ml Penthrox® (Methoxyflurane) vial
  • 1x  Inhaler
  • 1x AC Chamber

Penthrox® is now available from UK and Ireland’s leading sports medicine supplier and the only one with a licensed pharmacy, As Penthrox® is a Prescription only Medicine (POM) this can be purchased by Doctors through Vivomed’s secure online pharmaceutical ordering system Webmeds.

To access this please visit or contact the Vivomed office on +44(0) 28 44617666