Massage products for sport massage physiotherapists and massage therapy.
Hot balms, liniments and rubs for sports massage. Massage oils and lotions for pre-match warming up. Ibuprofen gel and arnica for muscle sprains and bruises.

Sports massage has developed into a very important technique in the comprehensive range of therapies offered by sports medicine practioners. Our site offers a small selection of products which we currently stock for sports massage. If you want a product tell us and we will source it.
Massage lotions, oils and balms for sport pysiotherapy massages:
“Sports Massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, ligaments and tendons – The Sports Massage Association”

Sport Massage is an essential part of sports medicine and is widely used in the treatment of sports injuries.

Massage Oils; widely used as it is not easily absorbed into the skin and is particularly useful on hairy skin.

Massage Lotions; a non greasy alternative to massage oil which is more easily absorbed into the skin and especially useful to treating patients with allergies, especially nut allergies.

Massage Wax - the wax melts at a similar temperature to chocolate. Some massage therapists prefer to use wax rather than oils and milks as they can then add their own essential oils and the slight resistance the wax gives means that greater pressure can be applied to muscles without slipping.

Arnica gels, balms and tablets are widely used by professional athletes for the treatment of strain, sprains and bruises.

Vaseline or WSP (White Soft Paraffin) is widely used in sport medicine to protect delicate areas and is also often used as a first aid treatment to stem bleeding.

Heat Balms and Warming Lotions – these are used by physiotherapists and massage therapists to warm up muscles prior to sport.