Homeopathy and Holistic Healing

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Complimentary or alternative products featuring homeopathy, homotoxicology and holistic healing with the products of Heel, Guna and Weleda

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While still controversial in the medical field, the use of Homeopathy, vitamins, naturopathy and natural antibiotics continues to grow dramatically.

Alternative medicine, more commonly known as Complementary Medicine or Holistic healing, covers many overlapping therapies. While some of these natural therapies may appear modern most are derived from ancient philosophies such as Ayurvedic medicine originating in India, or Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine from China.

While homeopathy was created by Hanneman in the 18th century, German doctor Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg combining homeopathic formulae in a new way founded the company Heel in Berlin in 1936, and described what has become known as homotoxicology, and the homeopathic treatments derived from his work were compiled in the Biotherapeutic Index.

These homeopathic remedies have become widely popular around the world and offer an alternative for patients wary of traditional medical treatments although no scientific evidence is available showing efficacy.