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Coretection Coreshorts Pro 3.0
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CORESHORTS™ PRO 3.0  are not just a compression short.

The patented technology is designed to provide localised circumferential compression to the low back and pelvis while connecting the leg to the opposite hip just like the anatomical cross support of the core anatomy.

CORESHORTS™ provide an anatomically correct support system with strategically angled elastics made to specific tension specifications for optimal motion control.

CORESHORTS™ PRO 3.0 support the pelvis, hip, and groin areas while providing functional motion control, widely used in sports such as football, American football, Ice hockey, GAA and many others.

Very effective in the treatment of Osteitis pubis (also known as pubic symphysis, symphysis pubis, Gilmore Groin or symphysis pubica)

Recommended for serious athletes and those with active lifestyles. 

The rapid sales success and growth in sales supported by the consistent positive feedback from athletic trainers, athletes and all users caught the attention of Under Armour.

Under Armour bought a license to manufacture the patented technology under their own brand, however after 9 years Coretection is back in control of the CORESHORTS™ technology with plans to enhance both fit and function.