Airex is a top brand in the sports and fitness industry, known for its high-quality mats and balance pads that provide exceptional comfort, safety, and performance to sports enthusiasts and fitness professionals. Our products are designed to offer superior cushioning and support for a wide range of exercises, including yoga, Pilates, and aerobics. Made from closed-cell foam, our mats are durable, hygienic, and easy to clean, while being lightweight and portable for use at home, in the gym, or on the go.

Our balance pads are made of high-quality foam that provides excellent cushioning and support for improving balance and coordination. With a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different needs, they are perfect for standing, sitting, and lying down exercises.

Airex products also come with antimicrobial treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, making them hygienic and safe to use in public spaces like gyms and studios. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable production practices that minimize environmental impact.

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