Kinesio Fita adesiva de Cinesiologia

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Kinesio Tex Gold Kinesiology Tape
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Vivomed has been involved in the development of Kinesiology Taping in the UK and Ireland for nearly 10 years. Back in 2005 Vivomed worked with the Kinesio organisation to help promote Kinesio taping and Kinesio Tape in the UK and Ireland. K-Active Kinesiology tape was then created as a result of the decision by Kinesio Japan Ltd. to stop having Kinesio Tape manufactured by Japanese Company Nitto Denko in December 2006 In 2010 as a result of considerable feedback from users of Kinesio Tape and K-Active Kinesiology Tape Vivomed has developed the definitive Clinical Kinesiology Taping Course. In addition Vivomed have now developed LEVOTAPE Kinesiology Tape to be more adhesive and more elastic than the original Kinesio Tape from Nitto Denko. This we feel offers distinct clinical advantages at significantly reduced costs - possibly the reason why Levotape is now widely used in private clinics and professional sport across the World.